Venetian blinds


Velthec® represents an huge range of Venetian blinds set in IG units. They work easily by simple movements to adjust slats.

The patented magnetic transmission guarantees a sealing compound and a gasproof insulating glass.


By 3 kinds of controls (slide, modular chain and motor) and spacers of 20 and 27 mm Velthec® meets all production needs, guaranteeing moisture penetration and gas-proof (EN 1279-2,3,5).


Internal motor is brushless, the first one used inside double glazing, and is endowed with ØPOINT Technology, that allows to:

Synchronize speed of different Venetian blinds with different dimensions and weights

Map Venetian blind by self-learning system

Have two speeds (slower for tilting and faster for lifting)

Not to stress components (cords)

Minimize noise