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Georgian bars

The beginning…
AL7 Meipa srl was the first company to set Georgian grilles inside IG units (1973) and since then, it has been producing them guaranteeing high quality in all production stages: from slitting to packaging.

Environmental protection
In full respect for the environment, AL7 Meipa Srl has banned chromo from the 9 stages pretreatment of aluminium since the end of 90s and does not use any glues nor solvents in foiling Georgian bars.

Style & Design
More than 30 kinds of Georgian bars different in shapes and dimensions allow to meet all aesthetical requirements: ancient and modern balance. With a width from 9 to 45 mm to meet all architectural requirements and a height from 5 to 10 mm for spacers from 6 mm upwards.

Finishes & Foils
Surfaces are powder-coated by extraordinary long-lasting natural pigments with high capacities to stand extended exposure to sunlight and corrosion. Surfaces are anodized by chemical polishing and foils are certified by the most famous quality label organizations of the field.

Quality & Certifications
AL7 Meipa Srl Georgian bars are Qualicoat® & Qualanod® certified, manufactured in accordance with UNI EN 1279 regulation, adjustable to any architectural need, highly resistant at any latitude and climatic zone, and long-lasting. Their linear thermal transmittance is basically null: centesimal (UNI EN 10077).

Architectural restoration of buildings
AL7 Meipa Srl proposes a wide range of solutions of Georgian bars inside insulating glass of doors and windows both for stylish buildings and for architectural restoration of buildings as required by town planning building regulations (RUE).
Georgian style enables window partitions and, for the same decorative effect, more energy conservation than Georgian bars outside insulating glass (EN 14351, annex J).