Georgian bars

More than 30 kinds of Georgian bars different in shapes and dimensions allow to meet all aesthetical requirements.

Venetian blinds

Set in IG units, work easily by simple movements to adjust slats. The patented magnetic transmission guarantees a sealing compound and a gasproof insulating glass.

Two-way valve

An excessive pressure differential could put the I.G. unit under stress and cause various damage, such as cracks in the glass or loosening of the sealant. These are the reasons why the Two-Way valve is a perfect solution in all those situations where the I.G. unit is produced at a certain altitude and pressure and then transported to a different one (e.g. produced at sea-level and then transported to the mountains) or when the I.G. is sealed with a certain barometrical pressure and then exposed to a different one (e.g. sealed on a sunny day, high pressure, and exposed to bad weather conditions, low pressure).